Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bonjour, Babette!

Well, I've been postponing the production of this post, procrastinating and puddling around, but finally decided to publish today (how many 'p' words can one fit into one sentence?)  My reasons for delay have been many, but foremost was the hope of completing alterations on a dress I'd found in my box (see last post) for Babette.

However, time and Babette waits for no Nana. Babette does not want a dress (pleading eyes); she wants to say "Bonjour!" to the world unhampered by clothing. Babette decided that all she needed was a flower in her hair, and one around her neck.

So, without further ado, may I introduce you to Babette.

Babette is made of apricot pink English mohair. Her footpads are ultrasuede, with pulled toe detail. She is stuffed with polyester, and has beads in her tummy and legs for added weight. Her English glass eyes are backed with white ultrasuede highlights, she has an embroidered nose and mouth, and has needle and scissor sculpting to give extra character to her face, along with her pixie-like ears.

Babette is designed to sit, having bent legs, and her overall length from head to toe is 35cm.

Babette is a contented, sweet-natured little girl, and I know she will make the special someone who adopts her very happy. Her adoption fee is AUD$140.00, plus postal and insurance costs. For further information about Babette, please email me.

Fun at the Adelaide Doll, Bear and Collectables Show

Last Saturday, Kay Schulz and I shared a table at this small show. 

We had a most enjoyable day together, catching up with other bear artist friends, chatting with visitors, and giving our bears a day out. 

We also farewelled Elfyn, who captured the heart of a lady. With a wistful last look and a hug, he departed, and I am happy that he has gone to such a good home.



  1. Hi Kayzy,

    That looks like such a fun day. Sometimes bears do have their own opinion about the clothing. There are times when I think maybe they know best anyway. Love the little elf - he's a cutie!


  2. Babette looks so glamouris just in her fur. She does not want clothes on at all, because she shows all her beauty.
    It was fun doing a show with you on Saturday.

  3. Babette says, "Merci beaucoup" for your kind comments about her, and so do I.
    Hugs, Kayzy


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