Friday, 27 July 2012

Duffy Tries It On

Duffy looked out of the window at the pouring rain and sighed. He was only small – well, 27cm tall to be exact – but in that newly created head of his were big ideas for even bigger adventures.

“But why can't I go outside, Nana?” he pleaded. “I'll be careful not to get wet.”

“And how will you do that, Duffy? It's bucketing down out there, and even though you are a very clever young bear, I don't think you're clever enough to avoid getting wet in all that rain.”

Duffy sighed again, but continued staring out at the rain, deep in thought.

Nana Kayzy smiled. She had finished sewing Duffy a week or two back, but felt that he needed some airbrushing to highlight his happy face. Now, airbrushing is still a challenge to her, so, fearful of spoiling Duffy in her attempts to finesse him, she put him 'on hold'. However,  a quick refresher lesson and pep talk by friend Kay Schulz (Kay's Kids), two days before had given Nana the courage to tackle Duffy's airbrushing (thanks, Kay). So there he was, ready to face the world, and Nana was very pleased with the dear little fellow.*
In tandem with Duffy, Nana had been working on Babette too (see next post). Babette had given Nana all sorts of trouble in her making, necessitating modifications to her design 'on the run'. But now also finished, Babette looked up at Nana with wide-eyed cuteness, and Nana's heart melted.

Each time she completes a bear Nana sees it as a gift from the great Father Creator of all things, and this always gives her a thrill. Don't misunderstand – her critters are far from perfect, and Nana still has much to learn about bear making. However, as she works on each bear a little miracle occurs as its unique charm and character gradually appears – and of course Nana just loves them anyway, so that's a blessing in itself.

While Nana mused on these matters, she was rummaging in a box containing teddy bear clothing and 'stuff', trying to find a dress that she knew would suit Babette, if she could only locate it in that box!
At the window Duffy suddenly came to life - that is, he stopped staring out at the rain, turned around, and saw that box.  

He leapt away from the window and in a flash jumped into the box and was quickly enveloped by its contents, in his enthusiastic search for buried treasure
Moments later, though, he emerged triumphant from the mound of clothing.

Look what I've found, Nana! It's a Drizabone! This'll keep me dry in the rain, and there's a hat too – can I pleeeeze try them on, Nana dearest?”

Nana laughed at the little fellow's antics, but gladly assisted Duffy to try on the raincoat and hat. They fitted perfectly. “How about that?” said Nana, “They could have been made especially for you!”
I can go outside now, can't I, Nana?”

Yes, now you may go outside, Duffy. Go, and have a lovely time in that lovely rain.” Nana called it 'lovely rain' because it too was a gift. Critter Cottage does not have mains water, so rain is celebrated because it replenishes the rainwater tanks which supply the cottage with the precious liquid.

 Duffy happily made his way out into the cold, rainy wonderful outside world, and later could be seen splashing around in a puddle, in his bare bear feet [photographer couldn't 'bear' to photograph this]. Just wait till Nana catches that scallywag!
*Final Note on Duffy: He is now available for adoption, and his vital statistics may be found on my For Adoption page.

A warm welcome to a new follower of our blog, Carol. I'm sure you will also enjoy a visit to her lovely blog, Sweet Bessie Bears and Bakes.


On Saturday, August 4th,
Kay Schulz and I will be trading
at the Adelaide Doll, Bear & Collectable Fair,
in the Grand Chifley Hotel, 208 South Terrace, Adelaide



  1. Tell Duffy he looks the ants pants in that Drizabone. It looks like it was made to measure. I think you will have to save up for rubber boots Duffy.
    Babette, is the sweetest little girl, I can see her looking at her mum and admiring her so much.
    Have fun little bears.

    1. Hello Granny Kay! I think I will save for some boots - Nana was a bit sad about my muddy feet.
      Big hugs from Duffy

  2. Duffy and Babette are two of the sweetest little bears ever. I've never heard of a Drizabone but now I've got to have one.;0} Have fun at the Adelaide Doll, Bear & Collectable Fair. Wish I could visit you there.

    1. Thanks, Maddy - Duffy and Babette are blushing with your comments. Duffy said to tell you that although his coat is much more exclusive, if you want to read about Driza-bone go to They've been in business since 1898.
      Roll on, the show next week - Kay and I always have fun together - adoptions are a bonus.
      Hugs, Kayzy

  3. Hi Kayzy,

    Those are cute bears you have there and the raincoat and hat really are just perfect for the little guy.

    Good luck at the upcoming show!!!


    1. Hi Ginger
      Would you believe I found Duffy's coat in an op shop, on a bear I've since used for airbrushing practice (he doesn't mind). Thanks for your comments and good wishes re the show - it's going to be a fun day with Kay!
      Hugs, Kayzy


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