Thursday, 29 March 2012

Where are you going, Twingk?

 Paulie held Twingkelle's hand as they sat on the swing-seat made especially for them (rather hastily) by Nana Kayzy. Since she had introduced them to each other, the two little bears had become the best of friends and were inseparable.

"Where are you going, Twingk?" Paulie asked.

"Nana Kayzy told me that I'm being adopted by a new Mum and Dad," Twingkelle replied.

"Oh, that's good, I 'spose," Paulie said, and pondered this news as he swung his legs on the swing-seat. "But why do you have to go away?"

Twingkelle squeezed his hand. "Well, Nana Kayzy says that my new Mum and Dad are moving to Queensland, and they're taking me with them to their new home in Cairns."

"Oh, that sounds exciting," Paulie said, trying to sound enthusiastic, "but you're my bestest friend - what'll I do when you go away?"

"Well, we can talk on the phone lots, and maybe you could come for a holiday sometime. Let's ask Nana Kayzy."

Nana Kayzy, who had been listening to the little bears' conversation, smiled when she heard this, and quickly responded by telling them that she had already planned a holiday visit to Cairns for Paulie,
" . . . and to get there, we're going to fly in a big jet plane," she told them.

Paulie was so overcome at the thought of going on a jet plane that he almost fell off the swing-seat!
He forgot his sadness at his friend's impending departure, and instead began swinging higher and higher, calling out excitedly, "I'm learning how to fly now!" This made Twingkelle squeal with delight, and she helped the swing-turned-plane go even higher by swinging her legs furiously.

The two little friends had heaps of fun, making the most of the beautiful autumn day and their time together, and planning how to tell the other bears their exciting news.

Read more about Paulie on the For Adoption page.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise in the valley

There's something about a sunrise or sunset that always fills me with wonder and delight.

The One who made this whole creation as our home constantly amazes me with unexpected gifts of beauty, including sunrises and sunsets.

Here are some of those gifts, caught on camera at home.

And this last sunset was taken at Seacliff Beach (South Australia) recently. Note the dog in the back of the kayak!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bunbury break-out!

"They're very quiet in there," said Dad.
"Oh, I'm sure they're working hard on their school work," said Mum. "I saw Mackenzie Stuart hard at work when I checked awhile ago, and he is a good influence on the younger ones."
"Nevertheless I think I'll just check on them," Dad responded.
 One look into their room told the tale. School books were lying neglected on the desk, and not a bear or bunny was in sight.
"I wonder where those rascals have got to!" called Dad, and headed out into the garden.

Sure enough, there they were - out in the sunshine and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. Dad didn't have the heart to herd them back inside to their school work. Instead he just took some pictures, and joined the fun!

I can see you!

Look at me, Dad - I can fly!

 Me, too!

Swinging is even more fun with a friend!

Hey, watch out, Peta - be careful you don't fall!

I am invincible - I can even stand up on the swing!

Ah, but can you do this? Look, Dad, no hands!

I could if I wanted to, but I'm having a rest right now.

Enough of all this exercise - I'm sleepy!

Welcome to our new friend Elena, from Serbia -
so glad you've joined in the fun!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bearies at the bottom of our garden!

Teddy bears are not like ethereal fairies. Teddy bears are very substantial creatures, not generally elusive or shy, but very affectionate, and usually helpful to have around. As far as I know we don't have any fairies at the bottom of our garden, but today a little group of my 'bearies' decided to be helpful by doing some gardening, and this required an expedition to the bottom of our garden.

O'Shaughnessy, the leader of the expedition, headed off, closely followed by Sandi, a newly completed teddy bear who has just joined the hug, and Burt, a mature gentleman who thought it wise to go along, to make sure everything was done decently and in order.

Sandi, young and enthusiastic, was keen to learn the art of gardening - that is until O'Shaughnessy showed her the patch of overgrown garden that needed weeding and digging over. She looked at the daunting task and almost turned back.

However, O'Shaughnessy, a patient teacher, demonstrated step by step how it was done,

and soon they were both hard at work,

with Burt looking on proudly at their efforts.

They returned from the bottom of the garden very pleased with themselves, and very hungry! They were certainly ready for their tea and toast - with peanut butter and honey, of course!

 If you would like to learn more about Sandi and O'Shaughnessy, go to my For Adoption page.

A warm welcome to Mariya (hope your name is spelled correctly) from Russia, who joined us today for the first time.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Bearen's big adventure

Dear Nana Kayzy,

This is your Bearen writing to you.

I have been on a big adventure, and 'cause you made me and you love me, I know you're interested in everything I do, so I want to tell you all about it.

Well, first Granny Wellby drove us to Adelaide airport, with Bruce as her navigator. (Bruce decided not to come with us to Melbourne. He said Granny Wellby would need his company while we were away.)

Then I hid in Mum's hand luggage - I didn't want to be cooped up in a suitcase with Mum's clothes, and miss all the fun.

 Soon we got on the plane and WHOOSH - before we knew it we were flying - WHEE! I saw lots of things out of the window for awhile,

but then we were too high to see the ground - above the clouds!

When we got to Melbourne, Mum and Dad took me to a big hotel, and I could see the big city out of our window.

We did lots of exciting things in Melbourne, but one of the best was eating at a big restaurant - all that food, and such a little tummy (Bruce would have been able to fit more in, I'm sure).

I had such a great time, and so when we got home to Bunbury Cottage, everyone gathered around to hear about my BIG ADVENTURE, and my story was so exciting they said it was just like being there!

Big hugs to you, dear Nana,
from me, Bearen xxxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Moove, Baby Moove!

Guess what I found on my way home tonight? Halfway down the track, and approaching the first of the gates we have to go through to get to our house, what should I come across but some Highland cattle - three young ones in fact, belonging to our neighbours. Aren't they cute and furry!

I wondered, though, whether I would have trouble getting them to move away from the gate, to let me through.

They discussed it among themselves,

and then approached me, and seemed to be saying, "Och, lassie, ye'll tak' the high road, and we'll tak' the low road, and we'll be in Scotland afore ye!" (or something similar).

Anyway, they graciously consented to move away from the gate to allow me to pass through. After doing so, I turned around and said farewell to these lovely animals, and saw them head off to look for their supper elsewhere.