Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Steve goes on a bear hunt

Steve woke up this morning, and being the happy chappy that he is, Steve decided that the fun thing to do today would be to go on a bear hunt. So he put on his favourite hoodie, grabbed his trolley, and off he went, out into the rainy day.
Meanwhile Paulie, newly arrived to the hug and still unfamiliar with his surroundings, had gone exploring outside.
But Paulie soon realised he was stuck, and when Steve found him, he was sitting forlornly on top of the stump he had so bravely climbed, waiting to be rescued. Hooray for Steve, champion bear hunter!
Steve and Paulie said to tell you that they are quite happy to be adopted. So, if you know of anyone who needs cheering up, Steve might be just the right companion. Paulie, however, needs someone with protective instincts because his adventure has made him a little frightened of the big wide world. For more information about Steve or Paulie, please go to their profiles on my FOR ADOPTION page.

P.S. I want to welcome Carol Parsons, a new friend (follower) of our blog, and belatedly thank  those friends who joined us in recent months and have continued to visit without acknowledgement till now. They are:
Monica Spicer (Monica's Attic Treasures), Julie Quon (RagTag Teddies), Astrid Maas (Astrid Bears), Ginger (Bear Bits), Hillary Rose (Genista Bears), and Dandan Sa.
Thank you all for encouraging us by your visits and comments. It's lovely to know we're not alone in cyberspace!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Mmmm! May I have some, please?

Berry Hazelnut Celebration Cake

I've just put the recipe for this cake on my RECIPES TO SHARE page. I made the cake earlier this month for Kirsty's birthday . If you like chocolate, meringue, berries and cream, this recipe is hard to beat, and easy to make.

Monday, 20 February 2012


When is a koala bare? Most of the time, really, and Kelvin is no exception. He told me that koalas are much more comfy without clothes: "Better for climbing trees, you know."
Hello, Kelvin!
It's taken a while, but I finally put the finishing touches to Kelvin a week or so ago, and introduced him to the other bears in our hug. Of course, Kelvin received a warm welcome from everyone, but Kaylee was especially happy!
"I really like you, Kelvin!"
It wasn't long before a little group were off to explore the garden with Kelvin.
 Then he spied IT, and up he went - a koala just has to climb gum trees, you know!

If you want to read more about Kelvin, please go to Kelvin's Bio on my FOR ADOPTION page.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Well, the news has spread like wildfire in the Hills -  there's a bunny in the bear hug at Bunbury Cottage! The bears awoke last Saturday morning to find a bunny in their midst. Peta Rabbit had joined their little family.

The bears welcomed Peta Rabbit with beary enthusiasm,

hugging the little bunny with long floppy ears and sharing their breakfast of toast and honey with her.

After breakfast they showed Peta the garden, the boys climbing trees and doing other funny things to make her laugh.

Bruce decided to take a little nap halfway through the morning - playing is quite tiring, really!

Later that day Kirsty, their mum, stumbled upon this little trio in the garden . . . Peta Rabbit and Jemima, already best of friends, were chatting over afternoon tea and sugared almonds, while a rather sleepy Winkie was doing his best to stay awake.

Maybe we'll hear more of this little family and their adventures, because good news spreads fast in the Adelaide Hills, you know.

Friday, 10 February 2012


Birthday girl Kirsty, and Bunny Peta

We spent a lovely evening tonight, celebrating dear friend Kirsty's birthday with food, good wine and lots of laughter.

At the appropriate time the birthday cake appeared. Some of the candles were quite resistant to being extinguished, but we had fun trying!

Noel and Kirsty

Later Peta Rabbit made her presence known and was joyfully received into her new family.

Hello, Mum and Dad!

Earlier this week I borrowed Patches (Peta's big sister - see earlier post) from her mother, and photographed the two bunnies together. This lovely design - Patches by Monica Spicer - is a pleasure to make. Visit Monica's website to see more of her artistry: Thanks again Monica, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and skill with the beary community.

Patches (left) and Peta (right)

Peta Rabbit

Is this a bunny rug or a magic carpet?

Sunday, 5 February 2012


A funny, wonderful thing happened to me the other day  . . .

I came home for lunch, and noticed that a branch had fallen from the small gum tree near our back door.

Upon investigating, to my joy I discovered a small koala sitting in the middle of the tree, about 5 feet off the ground. Martin regularly cuts the tree down to this height to clear the fire sprinkler near it, but  new growth reshoots from the stump, and is quite lush and thick. My koala was sitting on this stump, and very comfy and well fed he looked, too!

To my immense pleasure and shutterbugging delight, the little fellow stayed all day, and was still there when I went to bed that night.

 Of course he had moved on to greener gum trees by morning, However, I look forward to his next visit. I wouldn't be surprised if he were the same little fellow who visited us late last year  (see Koala Capers).

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Lucy watching TV
Please take me for a walk!
Recently we were asked to look after a little dog for friends who were going overseas for the Christmas holidays. Lucy the spoodle came into our home and immediately won our hearts and my complete attention for the 3 weeks she spent with us, and I still miss her now that she has returned home to her 'parents'.
You're not going without me!
Having Lucy with us caused me to ponder again the mystery of why it is that teddy bears have such a special place in the hearts of millions all over the world, including mine of course. I think part of the fascination is in the similarity between dogs and bears.

A dog can totally disarm the most unlikely person with just a look, or a lick, and teddy bears do the same to me (although not one has licked me yet!).
Teddy bears do not need constant care and attention as dogs do, but like dogs they do win our hearts by just being themselves, and like their live puppy dog counterparts they love hugs and can benefit by being brushed occasionally!
Aeryn McLeish

I have been making teddy bears for some years now, and my enjoyment continues unabated, especially when I get to the best part - the face. As I work on, a new personality emerges, and the little critter comes to life in some way, looking at me with what seems like doggy trust or affection. My heart leaps, as I receive this gift with joy, and can't wait to introduce Martin or my friends to the latest addition to the family.

Do you have a moment please
To give this bear just one small squeeze?
'Coz teddy bears need hugs to live…
So don’t you have just one to give?
~ Author Unknown ~

P.S. I've added a new page - RECIPES TO SHARE. I will be updating it regularly, so if you like to try new recipes, as I do, check it out!