Monday, 27 May 2013

Long time no see

Hello again - long time no see!

It's been 7 weeks since my last post, and during that time my mental ability to focus on blogging deserted me. It seems that I cannot multitask as well as I used to. Anyway, to ease back into blogging mode I will share some events of those 7 weeks with you, mostly with pictures  (with a little explanation if needed):

Shed building and other challenges

First day on the job
For some months we've been having an American barn style shed installed, a process fraught with problems. (Thankfully these now almost resolved.)

Barn building - a slow work in progress

At the same time, our bore pump stopped working,
Bore pump blues

Solar sorrows
Septic stinks

the solar installation declared defective and turned off,

and septic tank needed pumping out.  Life is full of interesting challenges!

A Beary Busy Time:
(1) Adelaide Hills Doll and Bear Show

Two Kays - a formidable duo!
Annette Henderson - Dreamweaver Bears

Linda Benson - Benson Bears
Susan Leigh - Bearleigh Bears
Susan Howarth - Whimsical Bears & Lena Burghardt - KP Bears
Val Potter - Bear With Me Bears
Valma & Geoff Bolton - Teddy Bits

(2) 3-day workshop with Linda Benson (Benson Bears), Australian bear artist extraordinaire!

Happy in our work - Day 1

Linda - our excellent teacher

Smiles of success!

Birthday fun


Dessert - La bombe!

So yummy!

See you next time, sooner rather than later, I hope!