Kayzy's Critters have been adopted by families in Australia and around the world.
Below are some of them:

Digger - Victoria

Lah-Fing - Adelaide

Bearnadette - Victoria

Leaffe, Boydy and Leiffe - Adelaide

Oink - Adelaide

Joy - Victoria

Little John (Victoria)


Dennis the Dancing Duck (FNQ)

Kenneth (Adelaide Hills)

Booff (Adelaide Hills)

Emily (Cairns Qld)

Scruff and Sandi (Victoria)

Elfyn (Adelaide)

Keiffe (Adelaide)

Mei-Lei (Adelaide Hills)

Abby (Adelaide)
Sonny (Sydney)

Bilbo (Victoria)

Paulie (Victoria)

Kelvin (Adelaide)

Steve - Adelaide

Bearen (Adelaide)
Sunny Jim (Victoria)

Cassie - Wingham, New South Wales

Chester (Holland)

Winkie (Adelaide)

Melanie (Queensland)

Bare Bear (Victoria)
Benji (Victoria)
Rodney (Victoria)

Manning (Victoria)

Bazza (Adelaide)

Jo Jo (Queensland)

Jemima (Adelaide)
Albie (England)

Furdie (Brisbane)

Patches (Adelaide)

Li-La (Adelaide)

Aunty Effie (Adelaide)
Bartley (Adelaide)
Little Jim (Sydney)

Osmund (Adelaide)
Ping Pong and Ping Pong Tu (Adelaide/Brisbane)
Riley (Adelaide)