Sunday, 29 April 2012

No gorillas in this mist!

We live in a lovely part of the Adelaide Hills, overlooking a valley where the view is different every day.

My husband Martin loves to get outside in the early morning with the camera, to catch the changes.

These photos were taken on a couple of mornings, about a month apart, in April and May last year.

I see beautiful views like this from my kitchen window on most days of the year, so washing up becomes less of a chore, and more an excuse to stand still and marvel at the creation.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bilbo and Paulie - Bike or Tardis?

Critter Cottage was abuzz, as the news broke that Bilbo and Paulie were to be adopted.

"You're going to a big family, and they already love you," said Nana Kayzy. "They told me that they can't wait to take you on their teddy bear picnics!"

"When can we go, when, when?" cried Bilbo, jumping up and down with excitement, while Paulie hung on behind him.
"When can we go?"

"As soon as I can get you ready," Nana Kayzy answered. "Off you go, and have one last turn on the swing seat while I find a box to fit you both."

Bilbo and Paulie were not impressed at the thought of being cooped up in a box, so while they were swinging, they hit on a plan.
"A box doesn't sound good - we need a plan"

"Aha! I've got it!"

When Nana Kayzy went looking for the boys, they were not to be found on the swing seat, but searching outside, she found them - on the bike, and heading towards the gate. "And where do you think you're going?" she called.
"Where do you think you're going?"

"We're riding to our new home"
"We're going to ride the bike to our new home!" squeaked Paulie. "We don't want to go in a box."

Nana Kayzy laughed, picked them up, bike and all, and brought them back into the cottage, where Sandi and Scruff were already sitting up at the table. "We're going to have a farewell celebration party!" they cried.
Farewell Celebration Party

Bilbo and Paulie decided on orange cordial and lollies for their celebration, because "We need a BIG drink and lots of carbs to get us ready for our BIG trip," they explained. (Nana Kayzy told herself that she'd better be a little more careful in explaining nutrition to the bears in future.)
"We need a BIG drink and lots of carbs"

"What do you think, Paulie?"

"OK, Nana Kayzy - we'll go in the Tardis"
After their celebration, the boys were shown THE BOX, which Nana Kayzy quickly explained was just like a Tardis, and would transport them to their new home much more quickly than riding a bike all the way.

Bilbo and Paulie could see the sense in this, and after checking it out thoroughly, agreed to this method of transport.
"Watch your step, Bilbo - that first one's tricky."
"It's pretty comfortable."

When last seen, their little faces were full of anticipation of the exciting adventure ahead, and they gave solemn promises to write as soon as they arrived at their destination.
"We'll write as soon as we get there."

Nana Kayzy closed the box, and the intrepid time travellers were off, and . . . the Tardis disappeared from sight!
"Farewell, intrepid time travellers!"



  • A warm welcome to Robyn Kaye and Gabriele Joy, of GJOYful Bears - a lovely site to visit.
  • Welcome also to a good friend who has just joined us here on the blog - Annette Henderson, of Dreamweaver Bears (see pic on my last post). Annette was an encouragement and inspiration to me in my early days of bearmaking - thank you, Annette.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

"Hi" to Hahndorf, "Bye" to Some Critters

Amidst the beautiful Adelaide autumn weather, there was excitement in the teddy bear and doll community, as we headed for the Adelaide Hills Doll and Bear Show held at Hahndorf each year in April.

My friend Kay Schulz of Kay's Kids and I were to share a trading table again, and the anticipation of spending the weekend together made the early start worthwhile. We were also looking forward to catching up with beary friends, some of whom come from as far away as Sydney (1430 kms).

Kay and Kay - what a team!
On arrival, there was the usual rush and bustle of setting up, but thanks to Kay, who had done most of the work on Friday afternoon, all I had to do was place my critters on our table and make them comfortable.

Within five minutes of the doors opening to the public, Kelvin had charmed his way into the heart of a lovely lady, and he waved goodbye and headed off to his new home.
Kelvin (bottom right) says goodbye to Kaylee and Joy

Then dear Steve was descending from his bicycle and departing with his new mother.
See you later, Nana Kayzy!
Kay was also enjoying success, with her lovely bears and elegant pincushions being appreciated and adopted by discerning collectors. 
Some of Kay's lovely creations

After first rush, I grabbed the opportunity to have a quick look around the hall, and to take some pictures of friends along the way. To see more of their work or contact them, click on their name:

Valma Bolton of Teddy's Bits
Valma Bolton of Teddy Bits

On the right is Annette Henderson of Dreamweaver Bears
Annette Henderson of Dreamweaver Bears

Gabi of Anibeck Creations

Gabi with her exquisite Anibeck Creations

Gabi made this darling squirrel
Val Potter - Bear With Me Bears
Val Potter of Bear With Me Bears

Shirley is smitten with Wilbur (Kays Kids)
Meanwhile, back at our table, one of my girls was making the most of the day. Shirley, introduced to Wilbur, was instantly smitten, and refused to leave his side for the rest of the weekend. (I can see I'm going to keep an eye on those two!)

On the other end of the table Sandi stood dreamily alongside Scruff, her new best friend.
Sandi and Scruff

Later in the day, an earlier visitor returned to make an important decision - "Should I adopt San-Shu or Mei-Lei?"  After some deliberation the decision was made - it was Mei-Lei. Although San-Shu and I were sad to see her go, we knew that Mei-Lei was going to a loving home so we were glad, too.
Mei-Lei (on the right) farewells San-Shu

Before the show, I assisted with judging the competition bears for the first time - a rather daunting task, but very interesting. Pictured are the major prizewinners.

All in all, the Adelaide Doll and Bear Show was great fun, and Kay and I are already planning our participation in next year's event.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

'Different' doesn't mean 'scary'

"Who's that talking to Nana Kayzy?" asked Bilbo, peeking out of his hoodie at the strange new bear.
Who's that?

"I heard Nana Kayzy calling him 'Joseph'," replied O'Shaughnessy. "She's just finished making him."

He looks scary!
"Ooh, he looks a bit scary, with that black hair sticking up on top of his head," whispered Bilbo, retreating back into his hoodie.

"That's just a mohawk hairdo," said O'Shaughnessy, "and I'm sure he's not scary - Nana Kayzy doesn't make scary bears - he's just different. You're different, too, Bilbo - you've got a stripey nose, and nobody thinks you're scary!"

He's just different
Bilbo giggled, and emerged from his hoodie again. "Mmm, that's true," he said, "Nana Kayzy says each one of us is special, so I guess we're all different." 
We're all different!

O'Shaughnessy smiled, and then suggested, "How about we go and say hello to him?"
Let's go and say Hello

Bilbo nodded, so O'Shaughnessy picked him up and piggy-backed him over to where Joseph was standing.

After introductions, the bears were soon having fun, teasing each other, and just being boys.

We're gonna call you Joh-Moh!
It wasn't long before the bears had given Joseph a new nickname - Joh-Moh - which seemed to suit him very well, so the name stuck (although Nana Kayzy continues to call him Joseph).

You can learn a little more about Joh-Moh, O'Shaughnessy and Bilbo by going to the For Adoption page.