Thursday, 23 August 2012

Digger and Dennis - Trainee Treasure Hunters

"Hurry, Dennis! We've got to get out into the garden before it's too late." It had been a beautiful day and the winter sun was still shining, but the shadows were beginning to lengthen in the late afternoon.

Digger grabbed his fork and shovel and off he went, closely followed by Dennis, waddling as fast as his short ducky legs would allow. Their plan was to look for buried treasure in the short time available to them before sunset.

First stop was the herb garden. In a nice spot near the alyssum and rosemary Dennis and Digger began exploring but, although very pretty, this didn't seem to be quite the sort of place for buried treasure.

Moving on, in the front garden underneath a rose tree and near the snowdrops, they found another likely location for digging, It was here that Digger discovered he was ambidextrous, as he cleverly handled both shovel and fork with equal skill.

Dennis was full of admiration for his friend's bi-paw digging ability, but neither of them felt satisfied that what they were looking for was in this garden either. So on they went, as the sun sank lower in the western sky.

By the time they reached the cottage garden and near the nasturtiums (a place with excellent potential), both treasure hunters were beginning to feel a little weary. However, Dennis said to Digger encouragingly,

"I'm sure we will find what we're looking for here," and so saying, he began to forage around with his beak in the nice damp soil, and Digger intently watched his progress.

And then, just as they were both about to get right down to it, who should appear on the scene but Nana Kayzy.

"Hello, dear ones - what are you up to?"

"Looking for buried treasure, Nana," Digger answered. "We're sure it must be hidden here."

 "Well, my dears, it's getting very cold and the sun is almost gone. I think you should wait until tomorrow to find that treasure. If you're right, it will still be there tomorrow. Why don't you come inside to the warm fire, and tell the other critters what you've been doing?"

Digger the Dog and Dennis the Dancing Duck only hesitated for a moment. The thought of a warm fire, a nice dinner and an evening with friends was much more inviting than staying out in the cold.

Digger collected his tools, picked up Dennis in his arms, and followed Nana Kayzy into the nice warm cottage and the furry warmth of the hug. After all, good friends are the best treasure anyone can find.

Final Note about Digger and Dennis

Digger is still with me at Critter Cottage and is available for adoption. His information is on my For Adoption page. 

As I write this, Dennis the Dancing Duck is preparing to fly to Far North Queensland, where he will be welcomed into a new family who assure me they dance frequently and have lots of water nearby for Dennis's delight. We will miss you, Dennis!


A warm welcome to Carolyn Robbins, a new follower of our blog. I know you will  enjoy visiting Carolyn's excellent bear blog Warm Heart Bears (very cute), and this will also lead you on to her Rose Cottage Dolls and Patchwork Ark blogs. Carolyn is a very busy and clever lady!


  1. Digger I think you should go and dig for that treasure before Dennis gets packed up for his big trip. He might be able to take some treasure with him.

    1. Hello, Granny Kay! Thanks for the suggestion but it's too late - Dennis has flown the coop. The treasure is mine, I tell you, all mine - ha ha ha! (just kidding). I'm going to find another digging mate and when we find the treasure we'll share it with Dennis. He might need it so he can come for a holiday to Adelaide. I do miss the little quacker, even though he's only been gone for a day.
      A big hug from Digger (and Nana Kayzy)

  2. Sebastian and I enjoyed reading about Digger and Dennis' adventure. Now Sebastian wants to find a map that he can follow so he too can dig up buried treasure. I think I should start monitoring his blog reading! It was fun seeing what they got up to and I'm glad that Dennis is going to a happy home.

    All the best,
    ~ginger (& Sebastian too!)

    1. Hey there, Ginger (and Sebastian) - I don't suppose Sebastian would like to come and be my new digging mate, would he? I've got a spare spade, and there's plenty of cookies and milk for him too. Please give it some serious thought.
      Hugs from a little Aussie Digger

  3. Digger got a very sweet and sincere facial expression.


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