Monday, 7 May 2012

Brief encounter of a special kind

Recently I succumbed to the lure of an Ebay auction for the first time. I was just browsing through the Artist Bears on the site, when I came across a delightful little bear, Toffee. She called out to me so loudly that I just had to make a bid on her, and to my surprise I was successful.

Toffee was made by German bear artist Gudrun Niklas (, and I would recommend visiting her website. Gudrun was prompt in despatching Toffee, and before I knew it she had arrived, and has been a constant delight to me ever since.

Around the same time, I was busy making a bear  for my niece Brooke's first baby, Dreyson, who was born safely and received joyfully into the family on 24th April.

Sonny the bear was also 'born' on this day, and received joyfully by yours truly.

Now Toffee's adoption coincided with Sonny's 'birth', and although these two met each other only fleetingly, it was love at first sight, so I had to record their brief encounter for my amusement, and I hope yours also.
Hello, little one!

I love you, Sonny!

I love you too, Toffee!

Look at me!

Be careful up there, Toffee!

I have to leave soon, to look after Dreyson.
Well, you'd better practice with me first

This is how you hold a baby, Sonny.

A farewell kiss: "Give Dreyson a kiss too."


I miss Sonny!


  1. Hi little Toffee,
    When you come home from holidays,you will have Shirley to play with. We are looking after her and Panda while your Mum is away.
    I know I have had hugs, and cuddles of you; but, you know if you feel like more cuddles you can always come and visit me again.

  2. Toffee is adorable. What a little sweetheart. I wouldn't have been able to resist bidding on this little bear either. Sonny is a charmer as well. The photos of the two of them together are delightful. Thank you for sharing.


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