Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Beary Good Holiday

Toffee was home again. After all the recent fun of her holiday in balmy Far North Queensland, home seemed a little quiet (and very cold!), but nice nevertheless. Snuggled up warmly in front of the fire, Toffee dozily re-lived the holiday in her furry little mind.

It had all begun when Nana Kayzy needed a little bear to take on holiday to Cairns, someone who could take the place of Paulie (see earlier post), make friends with Twingk, and someone who would fit in her handbag! (Paulie, of course, wasn't able to go now because his new family would miss him too much.) So, when Nana Kayzy looked around her hug for a little bear to fit in her handbag, guess who was the only one small enough? "Me!" squealed Toffee, and her squeal awakened other critters who were dozing in front of the fire too.

The flight to Cairns was very exciting, and Papa Martin let Toffee sit near the window, so she was able to see many areas of outback Central Australia along the way.

 However, the best part of flying is landing safely, and soon they were on their way to Bunbury North at  Clifton Beach, where Toffee was to meet TwingKelle. Ooh, the prospect of a making a new friend made Toffee's toes tingle!

On arrival at Bunbury North, they were warmly welcomed by the Bunbury Bunch, and the weather, and Toffee was introduced first to Old Ted - a very wise old bear whose long life and adventures had denuded him of almost all his fur - and then to Twingk.

The two girls immediately became bosom buddies, and their time together passed quickly, as they lazed near the pool, sharing secrets, dreaming beary dreams, and just having fun!

Warm days made the cool water of the pool very inviting, and Toffee was very keen to take a dip.
But Twingk was not going to get her lovely ballet dress wet, so Toffee contented herself with practising her diving skills alone.

One day it was decided to have afternoon tea near the pool, in the garden. The food was just what little bears love, and the girls couldn't wait to get into it! With so many hungry tummies in attendance, it wasn't long before the scones were all gone, and the fruit platter yummily depleted.

That night the Supermoon rose over the little friends, and under its rays they lay down, and marvelled at the huge yellow face smiling down on them.

On their last day together, Twingk and Toffee sat under a palm tree near the pool, and shared their hopes and plans for the future. What a gift is a good friend!

Oh, the comfort -
The inexpressible comfort
Of feeling safe with a person,
Having neither to weigh thoughts,
Nor measure words -- but pouring them
All right out - just as they are -
Chaff and grain together -
Certain that a faithful hand will
Take and sift them -
Keep what is worth keeping -
And with the breath of kindness
Blow the rest away.
  Dinah Maria (Mulock) Craik (1826-1887)


  1. Hi Toffee,
    It looked so warm and lovely in Queensland. Did you get hot with your fluffy fur on. I'm telling Granny I need a fur coat to keep warm. She just says to get the skipping rope out and that will warm me up.
    I don't know she just does not understand.
    Big hugs

  2. Dear Wilbur,
    Skipping rope sounds like fun, and it'd certainly warm you up. Hey, maybe I could join you - it's even colder up in these Hills than where you live!
    Tiny hugs from me to you (my arms won't even go around your ankle!)
    Toffee :o)xx


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