Friday, 18 May 2012

'Neigh'bours that horse around

We have interesting neighbours. They often seem to think that our paddocks are nicer than their own, so they frequently visit us, and spend their day grazing, rolling around on the grass (rats - just missed that photo opportunity!) or relaxing under the tall gum trees nearby.

Most of the time we co-exist peacefully. However, when we need to venture away from home in a hurry, our horsy neighbours don't seem to have an appreciation of our need for a speedy exit. On these days it sometimes takes 'some time' (pun intended) to manoeuvre our way around, or through the horses!
Honey and Sassy

I have discovered a good trick is to keep a brightly coloured shopping bag handy, and to wave it furiously at my equine friends. This is usually successful, and they amble far enough out of the way to allow safe passage through.

Bandit and Yours Truly
Encounters like these continue to make living here fascinating.
Wedge-tail Eagle

You never know who (or what) you're going to meet on the 1 kilometre track in or out. Here are a few pics of our other neighbours, some of whom have featured in earlier posts.

Highland cattle
Kelvin Koala (the original)

Eastern Spinebill

Fat-tail sheep
Our neighbour's cattle

Crescent Honeyeater

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  • Welcome too, to Melisa Nichols, of Melisa's Bears. Melisa makes exquisite bears and other critters.


  1. I know I've probably said this before but I'm going to risk being boring and say it again. You live in the most amazing locale. I'd love to be your neighbor.

  2. Thanks, Maddy. You'd be a great neighbour!

  3. Love the horses. I think you need a louder voice to whoa, them out of the way. I would be late for every thing. I would want to stop and talk to them all.

  4. The horses do enjoy a bit of a chat, especially if apples are being offered as a bribe!
    Hugs, Kayzy


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