Sunday, 29 April 2012

No gorillas in this mist!

We live in a lovely part of the Adelaide Hills, overlooking a valley where the view is different every day.

My husband Martin loves to get outside in the early morning with the camera, to catch the changes.

These photos were taken on a couple of mornings, about a month apart, in April and May last year.

I see beautiful views like this from my kitchen window on most days of the year, so washing up becomes less of a chore, and more an excuse to stand still and marvel at the creation.

I hope you enjoy the photos.


  1. I would do dishes all day if I could see that view. Picture perfect.

  2. Thanks, Kay. Come and do the dishes with me - I love to share the view!

  3. I would be at my window all of the time with a view like this. You live in a beautiful area. Tell Martin he's a wonderful photographer. The photos are breath taking.

  4. These are very lovely photos and such a nice view. I can see how you would linger at the window. Thanks for sharing your little piece of the world. There's so much I would love to see in person. This is the next best thing.




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