Thursday, 29 March 2012

Where are you going, Twingk?

 Paulie held Twingkelle's hand as they sat on the swing-seat made especially for them (rather hastily) by Nana Kayzy. Since she had introduced them to each other, the two little bears had become the best of friends and were inseparable.

"Where are you going, Twingk?" Paulie asked.

"Nana Kayzy told me that I'm being adopted by a new Mum and Dad," Twingkelle replied.

"Oh, that's good, I 'spose," Paulie said, and pondered this news as he swung his legs on the swing-seat. "But why do you have to go away?"

Twingkelle squeezed his hand. "Well, Nana Kayzy says that my new Mum and Dad are moving to Queensland, and they're taking me with them to their new home in Cairns."

"Oh, that sounds exciting," Paulie said, trying to sound enthusiastic, "but you're my bestest friend - what'll I do when you go away?"

"Well, we can talk on the phone lots, and maybe you could come for a holiday sometime. Let's ask Nana Kayzy."

Nana Kayzy, who had been listening to the little bears' conversation, smiled when she heard this, and quickly responded by telling them that she had already planned a holiday visit to Cairns for Paulie,
" . . . and to get there, we're going to fly in a big jet plane," she told them.

Paulie was so overcome at the thought of going on a jet plane that he almost fell off the swing-seat!
He forgot his sadness at his friend's impending departure, and instead began swinging higher and higher, calling out excitedly, "I'm learning how to fly now!" This made Twingkelle squeal with delight, and she helped the swing-turned-plane go even higher by swinging her legs furiously.

The two little friends had heaps of fun, making the most of the beautiful autumn day and their time together, and planning how to tell the other bears their exciting news.

Read more about Paulie on the For Adoption page.


  1. How exciting for Twingkelle going to Cairns to live. Paulie will have to think about packing his bags.

  2. Hi girls. Paulie had an added surprise this week - he went on a long trip with Nana Kayzy and some of the critters, and guess who else went on the same trip with her new family? Twingk!
    Kayzy and her critters


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