Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bunbury break-out!

"They're very quiet in there," said Dad.
"Oh, I'm sure they're working hard on their school work," said Mum. "I saw Mackenzie Stuart hard at work when I checked awhile ago, and he is a good influence on the younger ones."
"Nevertheless I think I'll just check on them," Dad responded.
 One look into their room told the tale. School books were lying neglected on the desk, and not a bear or bunny was in sight.
"I wonder where those rascals have got to!" called Dad, and headed out into the garden.

Sure enough, there they were - out in the sunshine and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. Dad didn't have the heart to herd them back inside to their school work. Instead he just took some pictures, and joined the fun!

I can see you!

Look at me, Dad - I can fly!

 Me, too!

Swinging is even more fun with a friend!

Hey, watch out, Peta - be careful you don't fall!

I am invincible - I can even stand up on the swing!

Ah, but can you do this? Look, Dad, no hands!

I could if I wanted to, but I'm having a rest right now.

Enough of all this exercise - I'm sleepy!

Welcome to our new friend Elena, from Serbia -
so glad you've joined in the fun!


  1. I want to come and have a swing at your house. We could make out we were on a trapeze. Looks like you kids had a great day.

  2. Come on over, Wilbur - the more the merrier! Granny Wellby might make us hot scones with jam and cream - Mmmmmm! Nana Kayzy will tell you how to get here.
    Hugs from the Bunbury bunch xxxx

  3. It looks like you all have had a fun afternoon in the garden. We can't go into our garden until the weather gets better. It's supposed to snow here today so maybe if it's the right kind of snow we can make snow angels.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Dear Bellamine and Wendy,
    Snow angels! Wow, that'll be fun! We'd love to make snow angels too, but we don't get snow at Bunbury Cottage. Oh well, we'll just enjoy our sunny day, and you can have fun in the snow - YAY!
    Hugs from the Bunbury Bunch xxx


So glad you dropped in! We love friends to visit, so please come again soon.