Thursday, 5 April 2012

'Different' doesn't mean 'scary'

"Who's that talking to Nana Kayzy?" asked Bilbo, peeking out of his hoodie at the strange new bear.
Who's that?

"I heard Nana Kayzy calling him 'Joseph'," replied O'Shaughnessy. "She's just finished making him."

He looks scary!
"Ooh, he looks a bit scary, with that black hair sticking up on top of his head," whispered Bilbo, retreating back into his hoodie.

"That's just a mohawk hairdo," said O'Shaughnessy, "and I'm sure he's not scary - Nana Kayzy doesn't make scary bears - he's just different. You're different, too, Bilbo - you've got a stripey nose, and nobody thinks you're scary!"

He's just different
Bilbo giggled, and emerged from his hoodie again. "Mmm, that's true," he said, "Nana Kayzy says each one of us is special, so I guess we're all different." 
We're all different!

O'Shaughnessy smiled, and then suggested, "How about we go and say hello to him?"
Let's go and say Hello

Bilbo nodded, so O'Shaughnessy picked him up and piggy-backed him over to where Joseph was standing.

After introductions, the bears were soon having fun, teasing each other, and just being boys.

We're gonna call you Joh-Moh!
It wasn't long before the bears had given Joseph a new nickname - Joh-Moh - which seemed to suit him very well, so the name stuck (although Nana Kayzy continues to call him Joseph).

You can learn a little more about Joh-Moh, O'Shaughnessy and Bilbo by going to the For Adoption page.


  1. All bears are friends, they join the fur club, and are mates forever.

  2. I adore your bears and this new guy is no exception. Hugs

  3. Awwww we didn't know that Bilbo still hadn't found a home! Remember us? We were standing in front of your stand at the Woodend bear show for quite a while ummm-ing and ahhhh-ing whether to adopt Bilbo or not.
    I'm am absolutely amazed he's still available, never would have guessed. He might come to live with us after all....... :)

    Gabriele & Robyn
    GJOYful Bears


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