Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kayzy's Kitchen Blog is Born

Hi visiting friends and followers! 

I wouldn't be surprised if those of you who have visited the Kayzy's Kitchen page on my blog found it a bit tedious scrolling down the page to find a particular recipe - I know I have (yes, I often look up my own recipes when I'm cooking!). Well, today I decided it was time to bite the bullet and start a new Kayzy's Kitchen blog and put an end to the tedium, so . . . another blog is born!

My plan is to regularly add new recipes, and gradually move existing recipes from this blog across to the new one. Each recipe will (mostly) have its own post (and page), and I hope this will make for easier navigation. (Note to self: I must learn how to create a recipe index, too.)

Why not check out Kayzy's Kitchen sometime? - you may find a recipe you'd like to try.
Fruity-nut zucchini muffins.

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