Monday, 24 November 2014

2014 Show and Tell - Part 1

Hello again! If you are visiting Kayzy's Critters for the first time, or revisiting after my long absence from the blogisphere - thanks for popping in. I'm slowly easing back into blogging, this time by 'showing' you a few photographs taken at three bear shows I attended this year. I'll do it in two parts, the first being for the shows held in Adelaide this year:

1. Adelaide Hills Doll Guild's Doll and Bear Show at Hahndorf - April 2014

 My dear friend Kay Schulz and I thoroughly enjoy sharing a show table whenever possible, and this show was no exception.

Kay makes beautiful critters of all kinds (see pics), and I especially love her creations in mink.





2. SA Reborn Doll Guild Show at Fullarton - October 2014

Again Kay and I shared a table, and this time Kay designed and made some matching signs for us both. Being a perfectionist, Kay wasn't happy with them, but I think they look great, don't you?

Special friends Valma and Geoff Bolton (Teddys Bits) travel all the way from Sydney to Adelaide twice yearly, to provide us locals with all things needful for bear-making. It's always a joyful time when we see them, and here we see Valma and Kay chatting happily together.

Sadly for this post, I was enjoying myself so much at these two shows that I took a very few photos. However, Kay was much better at it, and her photographic record of the shows may be found on Kay's blog by clicking on these links:  

Adelaide Hills Doll and Bear show 
South Australian Reborn Doll Guild Show.

Next time: 2014 Show and Tell - Part 2 (Woodend Teddy Bear Show).

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  1. We do have fun at the shows we do together. Yes you are right I do not like my signs... They look crooked and Unprofessional. Apart from that we enjoy our time together.
    Hugs Kay.


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