Monday, 10 November 2014

Stick It in the Family Album!

Nana Kayzy was often in a bit of a spin when preparing for a teddy bear show. And as fur flew in all directions (Nana Kayzy was not called ‘Kay-os’ in her younger days for nothing!), her critters would watch, fascinated, enjoying the chaotic process because it often produced something interesting. 
They would then wait expectantly for what usually came next: Nana gathering her critters together and announcing "It's time to get the camera into action!" To the hug this was always significant - a sort of graduation ceremony - for newly born critters must have their photographs taken for the family album before going to a show. One never knew what could happen at a show!
Then critters and creator would troop out to the corner of the shed that Papa Martin had set aside for Nana, the corner where she kept all things 'beary' - show equipment, camera lights, backdrops for photography, and many other interesting things.

On this occasion, as the critters gathered around, awaiting the cry 'Lights, camera, action!', a different sort of action took place. In Nana's enthusiasm to get into the photography session straight away she failed to move a few obstacles out of the way first, and disaster struck. Taking a step backward she tripped over the show display stands, which fell onto the backdrop, which fell off the table and right on top of Nana Kayzy! 

The critters restrained their laughter and tried to look sympathetic. 

Nana picked herself up, looked around at what she had done, and declared, "This is all too hard!", and for a moment the critters thought she was going to give in to despair. But no! - thankfully Nana was made of sterner stuff. She quickly recovered her ‘get up and go’, and with Papa Martin's help things were soon put to rights and the camera shutter began clicking away, adding to the family album.
Most critters quite enjoy having their photograph taken.

However, by the time it was the twins' turn, Bobby and Billy were a little weary of the photo shoot, so they found their own way of protesting. Their pictures tell the tale:

Next time: Some pictures from this year's teddy bear shows.

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  1. You must have a very special album with all the family together. I bet the bears go through it ,and laugh and remember the time Nana fell over.
    Hugs Wilbur


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