Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Notes on Nana Neglect

As I write this, there are a couple of my furry friends sitting on the table near me, waiting, watching. . .

Yes, these two have languished unknown and unappreciated until today, because of Nana Neglect! However, they do not accuse; they just sit quietly, hopefully, expectantly even, and this encourages me to leave self-recriminations behind and get on with the job, er, blog!

Without trying to justify my neglect, I should explain. I am not a salesperson, and although I originally began blogging to share my love of bearmaking, and to allow my critters be seen and appreciated by others (and hopefully find good homes), my blog has been more about sharing life events in general than about Kayzy's Critters. This is partly because I do take quite a while to create a critter, and also because there are many other interesting things to write about, and little time to write. However, that is no excuse for Nana Neglect.

It all started last week, when a friend kindly pointed out an error on my blog. The problem was that I had put an incorrect email contact on the For Adoption page. Logging in to correct the fault, I then looked down the page at the last entry, and was shocked to see that it's been almost 3 months since I updated the page. This wouldn't be shocking, except that I have made several critters in that time, so at the very least I should have respected their critterhood by letting folk know they exist.
Well, I apologise to you, my critters, and without further hesitation introduce you to your blogging public.


This young panda is full of fun. His happy face reminds me that life is good, and to be enjoyed and celebrated, whatever may come!

His vital statistics are:
  • Height: 33cm from tips of ears to bottom of feet
  • Fur: black and white German Schulte mohair.

  • Paw & footpads: Sculpted grey leather and black mohair.
  • Eyes: Black deluxe English glass, with white ultrasuede highlights,
    using black Copic pen to shade the eye area.
  • Nose: Black embroidered
  • Mouth: Applied open mouth, with ultrasuede tongue and Copic shading.
  • Joints: Locknuts, with wobble jointed head.
  • Stuffing: Polyester, with glass beads in his tummy.
  • Adoption fee: AUD$175.00, plus postage and packing.


A small bunny with big dreams, Fur-Elise was my first attempt at designing my own style of rabbit, with a beary look. She loves our garden, and enjoys gathering flowers.
  • Height: 24cm tall
  • Fur: White English mohair.
  • Paw & footpads: Sculpted white ultrasuede, with airbrushed detail.
  • Eyes: Black deluxe English glass, with white ultrasuede highlights and airbrushed shading.
  • Ears: Cute bunny ears, wired to enable posing in different positions, they have airbrushed ultrasuede undersides.
  • Nose & mouth Pink embroidered, with airbrushing.
  • Tail: Cute ball of fluff!
  • Joints: Locknuts, with wobble jointed head.
  • Stuffing: Polyester, with glass beads in her tummy.
  • Adoption fee: AUD$140.00, plus postage and packing.

In my next post I will introduce you to some more of my critters, but thought it best to highlight Lah Fing and Fur-Elise because they have waited so long. If perchance they call out to you, and you want to know more, my (now corrected) email address is kayzyscritters@gmail.com.

Welcome to Krümel Das Allgäu-Bärchen and Encourage One Another, who recently joined our blog as followers.


  1. Hi La Fing, and Fur-Elise, you were both so patient sitting there waiting for your mum to put your picture up. I love you both because I have seen you both in the fur. Talk about two handsome critters.
    Big Hugs

  2. Hi Kay, I love your little panda and bunny. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. Thanks, Caroline for your kindness - in commenting, and especially for sending the comments twice (only you and I know why!).
      Hugs, Kayzy


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