Sunday, 17 February 2013

Booff - Bear on a Mission

"Come here, Booff, and sit with me," said Nana Kayzy. "I've got something very special to tell you."
Booff, very eager to have some 'special' time with Nana, climbed up onto her knee and looked up at her expectantly.

"Booff, my dear, you are a very special bear. No other bear in the whole wide world is just like you - you are one-of-a-kind - and you were created for a special purpose."

Staring wide-eyed at Nana Kayzy, Booff wondered what his 'special purpose' could be. Perhaps he might have to leave Nana's hug, and travel to far away places to discover his special purpose. He shifted uneasily on Nana's knee. He was beginning to feel a little anxious.

Nana smiled at Booff, and said reassuringly, "Now, now, there is nothing to worry about, my Booff. You know that I always have your best interests in my heart and on my mind."

Because Booff really did know that what Nana said was true, he relaxed and again looked up at Nana, waiting to hear what she would say next.

"Yesterday a very special baby boy was born into our family, Booff. This precious baby is Daniel and Naomi's firstborn, and they have named him Jasper. Now Jasper is going to need a very special bear to take care of him, and I think you are that bear. But because this is such an importance mission you have to be sure that you want to take it on. It is a lifetime mission, and will take special gifts to be able to fulfil this special purpose."

Booff was overwhelmed that Nana would think that he had the gifts needed for this great mission, and his heart leaped with joy at the thought. "Oh, Nana Kayzy, do you really think I can do it?"

"I do indeed, dear Booff," replied Nana. "You are a gentle bear, with a kind and loving heart, and these are the special gifts you will need for your mission, should you choose to accept it."

"Then I accept my mission gladly, Nana!" cried Booff.

Later that day Nana Kayzy, Grandad, and Booff headed off in their car, invited by the new parents to meet Jasper.

Booff sat watching as the introductions were made, and when it was his turn he was presented to Naomi and Dan, with an explanation by Nana Kayzy that Booff had come to join their family and to help in caring for Jasper. If bears can blush, Booff did just that as Naomi took him in her arms and welcomed him into the new little family.

Later Nana Kayzy drew him aside and quietly encouraged him with gentle words of wisdom. 

She  hugged Booff one last time and then took him over to Jasper, who was asleep in his mother's arms.

After asking permission from Jasper's Mum and Dad, Booff moved closer, to acquaint himself more intimately with this tiny person he was to care for.

Then Nana and Grandad had the joy of nursing Jasper for the first time - and O what joy it was!

Jasper even smiled at Nana, making her joy complete.

All too soon it was time to say farewell, and to leave the little family to rest. So Booff waved goodbye, already missing Nana and Grandad, but knowing his special purpose and the love of his new family filled him with a sense of destiny, hope, and even a tinge of excitement.


  1. Dear Boof you will do your job well. That little baby will grow and want you to go to bed with him every night. You will be able to snuggle in and he will tell you all the things he did that day.
    Welcome little Jasper.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. Welcoming a newborn into the world and being the bear who will be that little one's best friend is the one job that every bear yearns to have and Booff we're sure you will make a splendid best friend. Jasper is a beautiful baby.
    Bellamine & Wendy

    1. Oh Kayzy, Jasper is absolutely adorable. Congratulations to you all. Big hugs Carol

  3. Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes, girls. Little Jasper is doing well,and so is Booff, who has settled in to his mission like a duck to water!
    Hugs, Kayzy :0)


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