Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A Tale of Two Teddies

Teddy bears have a way of endearing themselves to almost everyone, including me. Whether the bears are mass produced or handmade, ancient or modern, they still tug at the heartstrings, don't they? My fascination for creating teddy bears and other critters is just as strong as when I began several years ago, but I haven't been as interested in the old ones, the bears of former days - except, that is, for two particular ancient bears of my acquaintance. What follows is the tale of these two teddies.



Pinky was my childhood companion, and continues with me to this day. She was given to me when I was two years old and recovering from a serious illness. I am sure her devotion aided my recovery and development from the day she became mine. And Pinky's care of children didn't stop with me. She also brought up my sister and three brothers, passing from one to the other through the years, and her appearance tells the story.

My Pinky
Pinky has been loved so well that her pink fur is all but gone (only few pink tufts can be seen around her neck and leg joints). She has large patch on her chest, sewn on by my mother, who worried that Pinky's innards were about to escape. The fabric having given way around her joints, one arm and her head are secured by my mother's stitching also.
       Her original amethyst coloured eyes were lost and substituted with buttons at some point, but awhile ago I found some suitable new eyes, so Pinky can see again, and keeps my hug of bears under her watchful eye. Her nose and mouth were mostly worn away by many childhood kisses planted on her muzzle through the years, but a delicate operation was performed, and now Pinky's gentle personality can be seen again.
A noble bear indeed!

I discovered a few years ago that Pinky is a Barton Waugh bear, manufactured in Australia in the late 1940s, but her ancestry is not important. My Pinky, faithful friend and lifetime companion, is a noble example of what teddy bears are about in this world - loving, comforting, and giving more to their owners than can be expressed in words, being good examples of what we human beings are created for too.


The first time I saw Percy was late last year, at a nearby market fair.  As I walked into the hall where the market was held, Percy greeted me. There he sat, in a basket among a bunch of other elderly bears - all of whom had seen better days. Percy smiled up at me and my heart melted. I should have taken a picture of him there, amid his sad companions, to remind me of the momentous meeting, but time was short and I needed to set up my own table, so I just smiled back at him and moved on.

Smile, everyone!
Having sorted out my table and settled the critters (who often need encouragement when they are on show), Percy seemed to call out to me, so I introduced myself to the lady on the table next to mine (where Percy was) and asked her about him.
       She didn't know anything about Percy's ancestry, so with permission I removed him from the basket and posed him on my neighbour's table. I then took a picture of him, and sent it with an SMS to my friend Claire, who knows about old bears.

Percy - could you resist him?

Claire couldn't pinpoint Percy's heritage either, but his charm had its effect on her also, so together we came to the conclusion that first Percy must be rescued - we could talk about his past (and future) later. So I made an offer for him, the offer was accepted and Percy came home with me, where he immediately made himself an indispensable member of the Carney household and hug.

We still don't know where or when Percy was born, but we know he has lived life to the full till now, and he continues to endears himself all who make his acquaintance and to make me smile.



Although Pinky has been quite happy all these years without a close teddy friend, when she and Percy met I knew they belonged together.

My best friend
Although you can live a fulfilling, productive and happy life alone, if someone comes along who understands you, empathises with sufferings experienced, remembers and laughs about things from a common past, enjoys common interests and is simply your friend, an empty space within is filled with love and peace. I have experienced this with my darling husband, Martin, whose love and companionship brings constant joy and peace to my life,
and also with a number of close friends and family - I am a blessed woman!

In a teddy bear way, I felt that when Pinky and Percy came together something similar happened. Just look at this picture and I am certain that you will agree.

Do you remember having lots of fur, dear? Ah yes, those were the days!


  1. Oh Kayzy, what a perfect match these two are. You can see that both have been there to give love and kisses to so many and now they have the companionship of one another and what stories they must have to share. I can see why Percy caught your eye and captured your heart. He has a special something, doesn't he?

  2. Hi Kayzy,

    These two are really a great pair. I think you did an excellent job of playing matchmaker. They look as if they have always been together. I am glad that Pinky has someone to share her observations with. Pinky and Percy - on the settee!


  3. Thanks Maddy and Ginger - it's lovely to have your confirmation of my thoughts: Pinky and Percy are a perfect pair, all right!
    Hugs from
    Kayzy, Pinky and Percy :0)

  4. They are a fabulous couple......Your childhood bear is so precious. I do have a bear of my childhood too so I know what you mean.
    And Percy........he is to die for and if I were you I couldn't resist buying him too. What a cutie pie.
    I love how they sit together on that sofa ♥ Just love it.

    Bearhugs from Holland,

    Ps: it's so cold here...brrrrrrrrr


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