Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Kenneth the Koala - Part 1

Nana Kayzy noticed straightaway that Kenneth was different.

 Not for him the usual curiosity of a young koala, or a zest for the great outdoors, like his elder brothers, Kelvin and Keiffe.



Instead, Kenneth would sit on a windowsill in the kitchen or loungeroom, gazing into the distance with a wistful expression on his face.

Nana tried to encourage Kenneth to take his first steps out into the garden, but Kenneth would not be moved from his windowsill vantage point, and hunkered down as if his life depended on remaining in that spot. So Nana Kayzy decided to leave the little fellow to his dreams for awhile.

A day or two later, on a beautiful sunshiny day, it was time. Nana Kayzy retrieved Kenneth from his  windowsill, gathered him up in her arms, and sat down in a comfy chair. Holding him up to her face, Nana looked at him intently.

"Kenneth, my dear, won't you tell me why don't you want to go out into the lovely sunshine and explore the bush?" As Kenneth looked wide-eyed at Nana he trembled,  and she saw a flicker of fear flit across his furry face.

It's so big out there
"Oh, Nana - it's so big out there, and I'm not very big at all. I feel safer just looking out of the window at all that bigness."

Nana Kayzy gave the little chap a big hug, and then together they continued to look out at the beautiful sunny greenness of the cottage garden and bush beyond.

 However, Nana was hatching a plan.


  1. Такая милая лапочка!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Елена. I think Elena's comments are roughly translated,"So cute, honey!"

  3. Kenneth es precioso y tiene una mirada muy dulce y tierna.


    Un abrazo.

  4. Thank you, Ana. I hope Google Translate has done your comments justice. It translate them as: "Kenneth is beautiful and has a very sweet and tender look. Congratulations.
    A hug."

    Hugs from Kenneth :0)

  5. Hi Kayzy,

    I'm sure all will work out in the end. You can't keep a koala inside for very long before curiosity takes over. Maybe he's just a bit slow to get started. I agree he's a cutie and we'll wait to see what you have planned.


  6. Hi Ginger,
    Thank you for your comments - Kenneth was very encouraged by them. This gives me confidence that he may be ready to listen to my plan.
    Kayzy and Kenneth

  7. Hi little Kenneth,
    Don't you want to eat those juicy gum leaves on the tree?
    I'm sure they would taste like lollies to you. You could sleep in a tree in the warm sun, and the play with other Koalas. I'm sure you will find your BRAVENESS some where.
    In the mean time, snuggle up to Nanna.

    1. Thank you, Wilbur, you are very kind to write to me. After I got your message I started looking for my braveness. I haven't found it yet, but Nana Kayzy said she will help me find it. Have you tasted gum leaves, Wilbur?
      Hugs from Kenneth (and Nana Kayzy)


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