Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Spring has sprung!

What glorious weather - I love spring! All around us is evidence that here in the Adelaide Hills it has finally sprung. Outside the sun is shining, and up the hill I can see our neighbour's horses contentedly grazing on our pasture, basking in the sunshine.

Honey, Moni, and Sassy posing nicely for me

A symphony (or cacophony) of happy birds surrounds me, and the bird baths are getting a real work-out, with White Naped honeyeaters doing laps of the pool, watched by their mates,

White-naped honeyeaters - very polite birds.

 and New Holland honeyeaters simply revelling in a wonderful splash around!

New Holland honeyeaters - they are such characters!

Driving up our track to the road I come across a neighbour's ewe with her newborn lamb. This protective mother kindly allows me take some pictures of her precious baby.

What a gift is new life!

My neighbour Sharyn, Tuska the dog and I head off for one of our regular walks on this beautiful day.

Tuska and I blaze the trail
Yours truly

Native Grevilleas in bloom

Through the bush the spring wildflowers are just beginning to emerge, and on a day like this it's just good to be alive!

Three ducks in a row? No, three Sulphur-crested cockatoos!

Then on the way home, down our track we come across three cheeky Sulphur-crested cockatoos, feeding on nutgrass.

 Mmmm! Nutgrass - it's the best!

and as I approach our side gate, I pass the beautiful rosemary bush in full flower, intermingling with viburnum. What a day!


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  1. You live in a little bit of heaven. Love the photos so much. Especially the horses. Take tome to breath the spring air deeply.

  2. Every time you post photos of your surroundings I get the urge to pack up and move. Everything is so beautiful and nothing like what I see on walks near my home. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your lovely spring weather.

  3. ¡No lo puedo creer...!

    Una amable dama, con manos maravillosas y que vive en el mismísimo paraíso, me dedica unas palabras a mí y a mi humilde espacio.

    Mi más sincero agradecimiento.

    Un abrazo.


  4. Hi Kayzy,

    Thanks for the photos of your lovely and wonderful part of the world. I truly enjoy seeing the places others live. I'd love to go on that walk with you! It looks wonderful. I'd take my camera and take pictures of all the things we don't see here! I'm glad your spring is arriving. Here we're looking at fall arriving. I love all the seasons and with you sharing yours I can enjoy them altogether.

    Thanks. Enjoy!

  5. Thanks for your comments, girls. Since this post the weather has turned cold and damp again, so I'm glad I can remember the lovely warm days of earlier this week. Still, the showers are watering in the fertilizer I spread on the garden on those warm days - nothing's wasted!

  6. Hi my good friend Kayzy
    I am SO looking forward to seeing you and enjoying your beautiful oasis with you in a few days :-) Gorgeous photos you have!
    There's an old 'Spring' poem that I enjoy:
    "Spring has sprung, the grass has riz
    I wonder where them birdies is?
    Der wittle boids is on de wing!
    How obsoid!
    Der wittle wings is on de boids!"


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