Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Kenneth the Koala - Part 2

Kenneth awoke that morning and knew something was different. He had a 'big' feeling welling up in his furry tummy, and a tiny shiver of excitement went through him. When Nana Kayzy came down for breakfast she found Kenneth actually relaxing in a lounge chair by the window, and thought he definitely had a different look about him – an almost big and brave look.

“Hmmm,” she thought, “I think today is a good day to implement my plan.”

The brand new day outside was sparkling in the sunshine, a light breeze was blowing, and the bush seemed to beckon to both Nana and Kenneth.

Kenneth,” said Nana Kayzy, “how would you like to explore the bush this morning?”

To her surprise, Kenneth answered without hesitation, “I would like to try that, Nana, but I don't know how.”

That's all right, dear. We'll explore together – it's going to be such fun!”

After breakfast, Nana packed her backpack with jacket, water, and other necessities, and the two intrepid explorers stepped out into the sunshine, with Nana carrying Kenneth. The warmth of the sun caressed them and drew them on, and Kenneth felt his 'big' feeling growing. They were soon joined by Sharyn, her granddaughter Nyah, and Tusca the dog, and together they made their way by car to Evans Road, with Kenneth sitting on Nana's lap, staring wide-eyed out of the car window at the big, wide world whizzing by.

The group disembarked from the car at the appointed spot, and Kenneth, wondering what was coming, found himself being comfortably positioned in Nana Kayzy's backpack, lifted onto her back, and then they were off.

“Ooh, this is a lovely way to explore the bush, Nana!” cried Kenneth.

“Glad you like it, Kenneth. Keep your eyes peeled – this track has lots of lovely surprises in store.”

They had only gone 100 metres or so, when the little group came across a huge kangaroo grazing in the bush just off the road.

Nana grabbed her camera and managed to capture this magnificent animal digitally before he tired of his audience and 'boinged' away to find denser bush.

Continuing on, the explorers feasted their eyes on native flowers in full bloom, lining the side of the road.

“What next?” thought Kenneth, thoroughly enjoying this new experience, and feeling very big and brave in Nana's backpack.

Around a bend in the road they paused, and Nana lifted Kenneth out of the backpack and onto a large rock. Tusca, fascinated by this furry phenomenon, approached the rock and sat down next to Kenneth, sniffing him curiously.

What is this strange furry creature?

Then suddenly, Tusca - unable to resist temptation any longer - seized Kenneth in her mouth!

Temptation too great for a dog
Panic set in – Kenneth's newly found big and brave feeling was swamped by a huge wave of fear and dread, and he felt helpless and very small indeed. Sharyn and Nana Kayzy rushed to Kenneth's aid and retrieved him from Tusca's mouth.

Kenneth, trembling, needed immediate comfort and reassurance, and all three girls took it in turns to soothe his shattered nerves with big cuddles.



Nana was particularly shaken by this close call for her beloved Kenneth, and decided he needed a little more time to recover from his trauma before proceeding with her plan to liberate Kenneth's inner 'bigness'.

 So, Nana Kayzy gently reinstalled Kenneth to his safe backpack position, and they continued on their way, Kenneth biting his paw nervously, all his newfound bigness and braveness forgotten.

To be continued . . .


  1. Oh NO Kenneth, what a terrible thing to happen to you. That naughty dog taking a bite of you. I do hope he didn't leave any lasting marks. Were you too frightened to smell the bush after that. I think one day if you smell the bush and smell the wonderful gum leaves you might like to climb one.
    I could teach you how to climb.
    Hugs Wilbur

    1. Thank you, Wilbur - you are such a comfort! I was very scared, but Nana Kayzy says Tusca didn't mean to scare me, so maybe I will try another bushwalk with her soon.

      Hugs to you from Kenneth

  2. I love your adventures Kenneth and feel most privileged to have met you in person. I hope you have many, many happy explorations and discover just how big your bigness can become!

    1. I liked meeting you too, Aunty Janice - my Nana says she is very blessed to have you as her friend, and now I know why.
      Hugs from Kenneth xx

  3. Un guapísimo y tierno koala como Kenneth y un enorme y exótico canguro, que asoma entre los arbustos. No puedo pedir más de esta breve visita a tierras australianas.

    Estoy encantada. :)

    Mi agradecimiento y mi abrazo.


  4. Thank you, Ana. So glad you enjoyed your visit to Australia through our blog.
    Kayzy and Kenneth


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