Monday, 23 July 2012

Our Great Escape

Martin (dear man!) decided we needed a break from the busyness of life, and the seemingly endless jobs to be done at home, so last weekend we had our great escape to Port Elliot - thanks to friends who own a cottage there.

We packed as little as possible and headed off after work on Friday night, arriving in Port Elliot just in time to stop in and grab our fish and chips at the well known shop there. Then we tore around to the cottage before our feast got cold! (That was the last quick move we made all weekend.) Yum, there's something special about eating fish and chips at the seaside, isn't there?

Anyway, we didn't do anything dramatic or earth-shaking - just had a wonderfully relaxing weekend in one of the loveliest coastal areas in South Australia, the Fleurieu Peninsula.

We went for a couple of walks around the headland between Boomer Beach and Horseshoe Bay, and delighted in big waves breaking on rocks, birds drinking nectar from beautiful red flowers (don't know what they are yet), and the amazingly mild and sunny weather - a gift in itself.


Singing Honeyeater
Waves and Woman

We also saw a ballet on the lake - not swans but ducks (and a would-be swan/duck, a hopeful seagull who joined them).
Duck (and seagull) ballet

One last pirouette!

Another highlight was a most enjoyable dinner at the local pub, The Royal Family Hotel.

Apart from these strenuous activities, the rest of our time was spent lazing in the tiny lounge room watching DVDs, reading, and sewing bears (speaking of which I've almost finished a little cutie, and I will feature her soon). To sum up, our great escape was a great success - why not try your own great escape soon.

Sunset nearing home

Welcome to Iris, a new follower of our blog. Iris also has a blog, Basti Baren, and she makes very cute bears and cocoons (you will have to visit to find out what a cocoon is!)


  1. Hi Kayzy,

    I enjoyed sharing via photos your trip! How wonderful - especially since it might be a long while before I'm ever in that part of the world. It looks beautiful and sounds like you had a pleasant escape.


  2. Looks like a lively weekend to unwind. What a magical sight in that sunset. Wow.

  3. Hi Ginger and Kay,
    Thanks for your comments - isn't it great to be able to share our experiences via our blogs - makes them even more enjoyable.
    Hugs, Kayzy

  4. Hi Kay,
    It looks like I've missed a few posts but my new motto is going to be "better late than never". What a beautiful place for a get-away. That sunset is breath taking.

  5. Kayzy what a beautiful place for a get away. The flowers are amazing! hugs Carolx


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