Thursday, 20 October 2011


I LOVE PANDAS! I am captivated by them,  and love watching them on TV, looking at picture books about them, and of course I love making pandas, too.
So imagine my excitement when I heard that pandas were coming to Adelaide Zoo!
I first went to see them in April last year, but last Saturday a group from our teddy bear club (Bears and Friends) visited the  Zoo, with the prime purpose of spending more time with the resident pandas, Wang Wang (male) and Funi (female).

Wang Wang and Funi have been at Adelaide Zoo since late 2009, and we are fortunate indeed to have such easy access to these beautiful animals.

If you are in Adelaide, don't miss the opportunity to visit them, but make sure you go early (9.30am) because by late morning Wang Wang and Funi retire to a glass fronted enclosure for a rest, and you may not see them in action later in the day.

Watching the pandas in action, I felt like a kid who had been given the best present ever.

I could rave on about the Adelaide pandas for hours, but pictures say it much better, so I hope you enjoy a few of the hundreds we took.


  1. Lovely photos of these wonderful bears. I can't imagine anyone not loving these magnificent creatures.

  2. Every time I see those beautiful faces, my heart goes to squishy marshmallow. I just love them. We all need to take a leaf out of their book on relaxation.

  3. Hi Maddyrose and Kay,
    Glad to hear the pandas have won your hearts too. Kay, you're right about that squishy feeling. And don't you just love their laid back poses!


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