Wednesday, 3 August 2011


It's hard to believe we still have another month of winter to go - this week has been so mild in Adelaide that we're out of overcoats and hats and into the warm sunshine. Our prunus tree thinks it's spring already, and is in full bloom. Because of the lovely weather I have finally started to tackle the winter pruning of roses and fruit trees - hope I haven't left it too late.

On Monday afternoon, while out in the garden I glanced up the hill and caught sight of our neighbours' horses enjoying the weather too.

Bella the silky terrier
On furry matters, a dear friend recently adopted Patches* the bunny as a companion for another dear friend who lives alone, having lost her beloved Bella (a silky terrier) some time ago.

Patches (yielding to chocolate temptation)
When Patches was with me she behaved herself impeccably, and was a fine example to my other critters. However, I'm afraid she must have witnessed too much chocolate being consumed in her presence by yours truly, because she has acquired a taste for it too. I received a report via SMS tonight (complete with pictorial evidence) that she is up to mischief, as you can see, raiding her new mother's chocolate Smarties!

Patches (a fine example of good bunny behaviour)
* I created Patches from a Monica Spicer pattern, with her kind permission - thank you, Monica!


  1. Oh, patches, I hope you are not a bunny that hides her chocolates from every one else!!!!!! Do you miss living in that little piece of heaven where all the bears live?

  2. Ah ha! That Patches does not only LOOK smart, she is eat those smarties before anyone else gets their paws on them!!



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