Friday, 19 August 2011


Let me introduce you to my latest critter - Bilbo.

This little fellow is rather shy, and a bit overwhelmed at the thought of being seen in public, so he asked me to make him a hoodie. Bilbo says he feels better now he knows he can retreat into his hood if it all gets too much.

Bilbo is available for adoption. He is made of cream and brown sparse German Schulte mohair, with brown leather footpads, and his face has been airbrushed.

He is stuffed with polyester, and has glass beads in his tummy. His English glass eyes are highlighted with white ultrasuede. He is 23cm tall, and his adoption fee is $AUD130.00 (plus postage costs and insurance - I send by registered mail). Please email me if you would like further information.


  1. Bilbo is quite charming. I love his sweet face. He looks rather handsome wearing his hoodie. I'm sure it won't be long before he is adopted.

  2. Hi Bilbo, You sure look snug and warm in your hoody. Don't worry if it's too hot and you have to take it off.
    Your fur is beautiful and you look very handsome without it.

  3. Hi Kay and Maddyrose, thanks to your encouraging comments, Bilbo is feeling much better about meeting new people, and may even take his hoodie hat off today!
    Happy hugs from Kayzy and Bilbo

  4. What a happy face Bilbo has, I love his big nose!


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