Monday, 29 July 2013

Furgle Faces Fear and Finds a Friend

Furgle the Fearless
Some years ago, I created a small bear called “Furgle” as a gift for Bev, a good friend.

In the fullness of time Furgle went to live with Bev, where he was made welcome by all, especially the bears already living there, and quickly became one of the family.

Furgle's new family
Every now and then I receive pictures of his activities from Bev, and they say every picture tells a story, so today I thought I would share a little of Furgle's story thus far.

I think the red beads will go well with the almonds, I mean the silver beads.
Furgle enjoys beading with friends, offering helpful advice and keeping as close to the yummy snacks as possible.

Galloping home for dinner

Furgle also dreams of rescuing damsels in distress astride his mighty steed and doing deeds of derring do, but likes to be home in time for dinner.
You're not scary, little goats.

Recently Furgle was startled by a rather intimidating picture on the wall above the mantelpiece, but the small ceramic goats on the mantelpiece weren't scary at all. After awhile, and remembering his dreams of derring do, Furgle felt brave enough to tackle the real thing - Bev's pet goats in the back yard. 

You are BIG!

The real thing was even larger than the picture on the wall, and at first Furgle was worried. 

Up close and personal
However, after formal introductions were made, and it was established that both parties came in peace, Furgle was allowed to get 'up close and personal', and was then invited to lunch. Thankfully he had brought his own picnic lunch, because the goats' hay did not look very appetising to the young bear. On the other hand, Millie the goat was quite interested in Furgle's lunch!

What's in your lunch, Furgle?
Keeping an eye on Millie
So Furgle ate his lunch quickly and kept a firm eye on Millie.

Bev tells me that Millie and Furgle have become great friends, and meet regularly for play dates.  Now, though, Furgle prefers to eat his lunch at home before visiting Millie.

I hear that Furgle is planning an overseas adventure with Bev soon, so I will keep you posted.

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