Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ruff to the Rescue

A couple of days after my last post, we (Martin, Ruff and I) left the cold southern State of South Australia and flew to balmy and beautiful Far North Queensland, tourist destination for many Australian and overseas visitors during the winter months.

Ruff enjoyed his flight, looking out the window, sharing his science magazine with Martin, but doing the crossword sudoku puzzles in the inflight magazine was the highlight of his journey to Cairns.

On arrival, we hired a car and headed for Clifton Beach, north of Cairns, to Bunbury North, the home of our friends Noel and Kirsten and their critters, the Bunbury Bunch.

We were all excited, and Ruff especially so. He wasn't just on holiday - he had come to stay!

Meanwhile, at Bunbury North, the critters were excited too, and gathered to await the arrival of their visitors.

What a celebration we had as we reconnected with our friends, and were reunited with the little critters I had made and Noel and Kirsten had adopted! They (the critters) were very happy in their tropical home, but it was lovely to give each of them a big Nana Kayzy hug again.

However, I did notice Bearen Bear's wistful look as he watched his fellow critters with their special friends. This confirmed Ruff's and my rescue plan: Ruff was to be Bearen's sidekick in his adventures, his faithful doggy companion.

So it was with great joy that at the appointed time we introduced Ruff and Bearen to each other, and they immediately became best buddies.

I am sure that soon we will be reading of their exploits in a new book. I can see them now, heading off into the sunset together, Bearen riding a motorbike with Ruff sitting next to him in the side-car, barking happily at everyone they meet, and ready to rescue Bearen at a moment's notice, should his services be required.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that there is already a book about the adventures of Bearen, Bruce, Twinkle and other Bunbury critters - Bearen Bear and the Bunbury Tales  
by Kirsten Due.

It is a beautiful children's story book, available through Amazon and other booksellers, or the publisher, Oil Lamp Books.

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  1. Ruff you are an adventurist dog. I'm sure you will be like a boy scout Always ready for anything that is about to happen.
    Tell your new Mum that they get ticks up in Queensland, I wouldn't want you to get one of those to latch on to you.
    Keep safe.
    Hugs Wilbur


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