Wednesday, 21 November 2012

There's still a Spring in my step

The paddocks near our house are beginning to change from green to a pale browny gold colour, as we near the end of Spring in the Adelaide Hills.
View of our paddocks browning off

Our garden is still looking lovely though, and a thrill runs through me as I wander around, taking in the sights and smells of our unruly but lush (at present) garden.
Roses, lavender, viburnum,  chrysathemum, geranium, plumbago, etc. etc.

Red Geraniums
Throughout Spring I've tried unsuccessfully to capture with my little digital camera the vibrancy of the new life all around me.

David Austin's Graham Thomas rose
Nevertheless these pictures still give a little glimpse of the prodigality of the season and its Creator.

Tequila Sunrise

Purple irises with Golden Celebration rose
Mystery rose (root stock from a dead Abraham Darby, I think)
Evelyn,  another David Austin rose

The Children's Rose

Mr Lincoln rose

Roses are my favourite flowers and our garden reflects this,

but everything living, growing thing has its own glory - even the weeds that share the garden beds with the plants we want there! 
Seduction rose accompanied by select weeds!

Jasmin bush covering a fire sprinkler

Apricot Nectar rose
Soon we will take on the challenge of keeping the garden alive through the warmer months, and I will dream of cooler weather again. But for now I will just drink in the beauty around me, and be thankful for today.

Another mystery rose
P.S. Guess who I found while I was wandering in the garden just now? Kelvin (I name all visiting koalas Kelvin) was grunting away in a tall gum tree just outside our house fence, so I just had to share him with you too. I am a blessed woman!

Kelvin poses for the camera


  1. Kelvin, looks as though he has the most comfortable seat around. No wonder he stays there. Your roses are glorious, drink in their beauty.

  2. Hi Kay
    Just checked, and my visitor has checked out, so Kelvin must have gone looking for greener, more comfy gum trees! Thanks for commenting, my friend.
    Hugs, Kayzy (and Kelvin)


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