Saturday, 24 September 2011


My long-time friend, Janice, has been enjoying her first tentative steps coaching canvas into life.  Her paintings are acrylic on canvas and she has just completed her second and third paintings, namely Erika Emu and Osmon Ostrich.

Janice is very talented,  designing and making just about anything crafty or artistic. She always thought it would be great to be able to paint, so this year decided to try her hand at this art form.

Erika Emu - a very precocious bird at only one month old.  I think she can probably be a bit of a scallywag and may need a close eye kept on her! 


Eric (Erika's brother - strong family resemblance, don't you think!) is enjoying hanging around with one of Janice's daughters.  Eric is proud to be the first ever of Janice's painting creations and has left her astounded from day one!

Osmon Ostrich - quite another story.  Osmon hasn't quite worked out what's what in this world yet, but still, he is fairly sharp for being less than a week old (at time of photograph).


  1. They look very wise birds to me.
    Well done.

  2. For someone's first attempts at painting these paintings are wonderful. I love all three of them and adore their faces. Your friend is very talented.


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