Thursday, 26 May 2011


Koalas regularly visit us (much to our delight), and we mostly see them in the tall gum trees surrounding our home (in the Adelaide hills). However, last week, after a period of wet weather, I found this poor little bloke huddled on the ground at the base of a seedling gum. He was so still that I thought he might be dead, but on my approach he moved a little, and because it is unusual to see a koala on the ground I took a few photos before moving on.

I sent the pics to my husband (away at the time), and he suggested I try to get help for the koala, because he must be in distress. I called Cleland Wildlife Park, and was advised by the duty officer to leave the animal alone until the next morning, in the hope that he would recover and be able to find his own way to safety. If the koala was still there in the morning the officer assured me that they would rescue him then.

Later that day I passed the tree again, but my little friend was still there. I prayed for his safety, and left him in the hands of the One who said that not a sparrow falls to the ground without the Father knowing [and caring]. Imagine my joy the next morning when there was no koala to be seen! 
Here's another pic of Kelvin (my name for him), on a happier day at home in our tree.

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