Thursday 27 November 2014

2014 Show and Tell - Part 2: Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Ever since our first Woodend Teddy Bear Show in 2008, one of the highlights of our 'beary' year is to travel from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia to the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, to participate in this lovely show. We also enjoy the excellent company and hospitality of our friends Claire and John Evans, catching up with other bear artists,  and the beauty of the region. 

Claire, John, Martin and I stay at the Kyneton Bushland Resort in a well-appointed villa there, and receive regular visitors of the animal kind.

It is only a 15 minute drive from Kyneton to Woodend, where the show is held, and Sunday morning finds us in the hall, and after checking that the critters are ready, 

 there is still time to have quick look around and take a few happy snaps of other tables 

and traders. Some are camera shy, others pose happily for the camera (or ignore me!)  as we all wait for the show to open.

Last minute preparations by camera shy trader-friends
Waiting for the show to open


Bear-related traders were also there

Closer encounters of the beary kind!

Once the show opens there is little time to spare, as the eager bear-seeking crowd pours into the hall and the fun begins! 

 I am happy to report that three of my critters found new homes, and end this post with their portraits, taken for the family album (as mentioned in the post Stick it in the Family Album).

Monday 24 November 2014

2014 Show and Tell - Part 1

Hello again! If you are visiting Kayzy's Critters for the first time, or revisiting after my long absence from the blogisphere - thanks for popping in. I'm slowly easing back into blogging, this time by 'showing' you a few photographs taken at three bear shows I attended this year. I'll do it in two parts, the first being for the shows held in Adelaide this year:

1. Adelaide Hills Doll Guild's Doll and Bear Show at Hahndorf - April 2014

 My dear friend Kay Schulz and I thoroughly enjoy sharing a show table whenever possible, and this show was no exception.

Kay makes beautiful critters of all kinds (see pics), and I especially love her creations in mink.





2. SA Reborn Doll Guild Show at Fullarton - October 2014

Again Kay and I shared a table, and this time Kay designed and made some matching signs for us both. Being a perfectionist, Kay wasn't happy with them, but I think they look great, don't you?

Special friends Valma and Geoff Bolton (Teddys Bits) travel all the way from Sydney to Adelaide twice yearly, to provide us locals with all things needful for bear-making. It's always a joyful time when we see them, and here we see Valma and Kay chatting happily together.

Sadly for this post, I was enjoying myself so much at these two shows that I took a very few photos. However, Kay was much better at it, and her photographic record of the shows may be found on Kay's blog by clicking on these links:  

Adelaide Hills Doll and Bear show 
South Australian Reborn Doll Guild Show.

Next time: 2014 Show and Tell - Part 2 (Woodend Teddy Bear Show).

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Kayzy's Kitchen Blog is Born

Hi visiting friends and followers! 

I wouldn't be surprised if those of you who have visited the Kayzy's Kitchen page on my blog found it a bit tedious scrolling down the page to find a particular recipe - I know I have (yes, I often look up my own recipes when I'm cooking!). Well, today I decided it was time to bite the bullet and start a new Kayzy's Kitchen blog and put an end to the tedium, so . . . another blog is born!

My plan is to regularly add new recipes, and gradually move existing recipes from this blog across to the new one. Each recipe will (mostly) have its own post (and page), and I hope this will make for easier navigation. (Note to self: I must learn how to create a recipe index, too.)

Why not check out Kayzy's Kitchen sometime? - you may find a recipe you'd like to try.
Fruity-nut zucchini muffins.

Monday 10 November 2014

Stick It in the Family Album!

Nana Kayzy was often in a bit of a spin when preparing for a teddy bear show. And as fur flew in all directions (Nana Kayzy was not called ‘Kay-os’ in her younger days for nothing!), her critters would watch, fascinated, enjoying the chaotic process because it often produced something interesting. 
They would then wait expectantly for what usually came next: Nana gathering her critters together and announcing "It's time to get the camera into action!" To the hug this was always significant - a sort of graduation ceremony - for newly born critters must have their photographs taken for the family album before going to a show. One never knew what could happen at a show!
Then critters and creator would troop out to the corner of the shed that Papa Martin had set aside for Nana, the corner where she kept all things 'beary' - show equipment, camera lights, backdrops for photography, and many other interesting things.

On this occasion, as the critters gathered around, awaiting the cry 'Lights, camera, action!', a different sort of action took place. In Nana's enthusiasm to get into the photography session straight away she failed to move a few obstacles out of the way first, and disaster struck. Taking a step backward she tripped over the show display stands, which fell onto the backdrop, which fell off the table and right on top of Nana Kayzy! 

The critters restrained their laughter and tried to look sympathetic. 

Nana picked herself up, looked around at what she had done, and declared, "This is all too hard!", and for a moment the critters thought she was going to give in to despair. But no! - thankfully Nana was made of sterner stuff. She quickly recovered her ‘get up and go’, and with Papa Martin's help things were soon put to rights and the camera shutter began clicking away, adding to the family album.
Most critters quite enjoy having their photograph taken.

However, by the time it was the twins' turn, Bobby and Billy were a little weary of the photo shoot, so they found their own way of protesting. Their pictures tell the tale:

Next time: Some pictures from this year's teddy bear shows.

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Nana Kayzy is still alive! -
and she'll be back
blogging again soon. 

In the meantime, we'll introduce ourselves.

Ellie May

King Leonard the Second and his loyal subject, Boydy

From left to right: Leaffe, Boydy, and Leithe - bush babies


Sunday 18 August 2013

Kenneth the Koala Leaves Home

Those who follow my blog will remember the tale of Kenneth the Koala (told in 3 parts).


Since then Kenneth has delighted many of his (and my) friends with his antics.

I knew sooner or later Kenneth would leave home, as happens with most children, but as his mother I hoped it would be later rather than sooner, because I loved seeing his happy face around the place.

A few days ago my friend Fay phoned me to ask if I could make her a koala. I knew it would be some time before I could do this, and Kenneth, hearing the conversation, pricked up his already big ears and cried "Pick me, pick me!" Kenneth, my big and brave Koala, was well and truly ready to leave home.

So, the next day Kenneth and I visited Fay, who of course fell in love with Kenneth straight away and had to have him, so the adoption took place.

It was with a little sadness that I released my Kenneth into the care of one of my oldest and dearest friends, but I knew they belonged together, and this made me glad.

Kenneth of course, with the exuberance of youth, immediately began exploring his new home, and in the garden some blue ducks greeted him and made him welcome.

Fay then took him inside her home to meet her family of bears. It was delightful to greet quite a few of my critters again, including Zachary (in red striped T-shirt), my first original design, Sing Song, my first panda, and little Oliver (tartan bow).

Then Webster (the biggest bear I've made) called out to be introduced, and Kenneth immediately made himself at home on Webster's lap! Sitting comfortably there, Kenneth smiled up at me and said, "Thank you for bringing me here, Nana - I love you - see you soon!" So I left him in good hands (paws), and went off with Fay for a coffee and a catch-up.

Although I miss Kenneth he is very happy and having lots of fun with his new family, and there will be plenty of opportunity for hugs when I call in for coffee with Fay. As a matter of fact, I feel like a coffee right now - see you next time.

Monday 29 July 2013

Furgle Faces Fear and Finds a Friend

Furgle the Fearless
Some years ago, I created a small bear called “Furgle” as a gift for Bev, a good friend.

In the fullness of time Furgle went to live with Bev, where he was made welcome by all, especially the bears already living there, and quickly became one of the family.

Furgle's new family
Every now and then I receive pictures of his activities from Bev, and they say every picture tells a story, so today I thought I would share a little of Furgle's story thus far.

I think the red beads will go well with the almonds, I mean the silver beads.
Furgle enjoys beading with friends, offering helpful advice and keeping as close to the yummy snacks as possible.

Galloping home for dinner

Furgle also dreams of rescuing damsels in distress astride his mighty steed and doing deeds of derring do, but likes to be home in time for dinner.
You're not scary, little goats.

Recently Furgle was startled by a rather intimidating picture on the wall above the mantelpiece, but the small ceramic goats on the mantelpiece weren't scary at all. After awhile, and remembering his dreams of derring do, Furgle felt brave enough to tackle the real thing - Bev's pet goats in the back yard. 

You are BIG!

The real thing was even larger than the picture on the wall, and at first Furgle was worried. 

Up close and personal
However, after formal introductions were made, and it was established that both parties came in peace, Furgle was allowed to get 'up close and personal', and was then invited to lunch. Thankfully he had brought his own picnic lunch, because the goats' hay did not look very appetising to the young bear. On the other hand, Millie the goat was quite interested in Furgle's lunch!

What's in your lunch, Furgle?
Keeping an eye on Millie
So Furgle ate his lunch quickly and kept a firm eye on Millie.

Bev tells me that Millie and Furgle have become great friends, and meet regularly for play dates.  Now, though, Furgle prefers to eat his lunch at home before visiting Millie.

I hear that Furgle is planning an overseas adventure with Bev soon, so I will keep you posted.