Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Steve goes on a bear hunt

Steve woke up this morning, and being the happy chappy that he is, Steve decided that the fun thing to do today would be to go on a bear hunt. So he put on his favourite hoodie, grabbed his trolley, and off he went, out into the rainy day.
Meanwhile Paulie, newly arrived to the hug and still unfamiliar with his surroundings, had gone exploring outside.
But Paulie soon realised he was stuck, and when Steve found him, he was sitting forlornly on top of the stump he had so bravely climbed, waiting to be rescued. Hooray for Steve, champion bear hunter!
Steve and Paulie said to tell you that they are quite happy to be adopted. So, if you know of anyone who needs cheering up, Steve might be just the right companion. Paulie, however, needs someone with protective instincts because his adventure has made him a little frightened of the big wide world. For more information about Steve or Paulie, please go to their profiles on my FOR ADOPTION page.

P.S. I want to welcome Carol Parsons, a new friend (follower) of our blog, and belatedly thank  those friends who joined us in recent months and have continued to visit without acknowledgement till now. They are:
Monica Spicer (Monica's Attic Treasures), Julie Quon (RagTag Teddies), Astrid Maas (Astrid Bears), Ginger (Bear Bits), Hillary Rose (Genista Bears), and Dandan Sa.
Thank you all for encouraging us by your visits and comments. It's lovely to know we're not alone in cyberspace!


  1. What a delightful pair and wonderful story.

  2. Oh Paulie, you must feel like getting the bravery award for rescueing that little monkey called Steve.
    Well done Paulie.
    Hugs Granny and Wilbur.

  3. Steve and Paulie are thrilled that you read their story and wrote to them, and wanted me to thank you.


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